Pawns & Loans

Whether you are looking to sell your items or just get a loan on them without selling it (“to Pawn”), we offer the same great price. Bring your items in for a FREE evaluation!


Pawns/Loans: Loans are usually referred to as pawns. Pawning your item is easy:

  1. Bring in an item
  2. We evaluate it and offer you a loan based on the value of the item, with NO CREDIT CHECK.
  3. If you take the loan, we hold your item in our secured air-conditioned storage.
  4. Pay off the interest at the end of the 15 or 30 day term.
  5. Optional: You can pay just the interest and extend your loan another term. OR you can sell us your item if you wish.

We offer a low 10% fee! Other shops in the area offer interest rates between 15-25% a month, depending on the value of your item. We don’t think that’s fair! So we offer a fair 10% fee.

When given the loan you have 15 or 30 days from the day of the loan to make the monthly payment for the loan. As long as you maintain payment of just the interest you can keep the loan for as long as you need! 

*You can get your item back ANYTIME without penalty! Just pay the loan with interest, even if you need it for just 2-3 days. The full term interest plus loan amount is due at that time.