*To "Pawn" your item is to get a Loan on it as collateral. We offer pawns at 10% interest and afterwards you get your item back. Optionally, you can renew the loan for another term, or you can sell your item to us.

Find out about our easy loans. 
*No credit checks

Whether you are looking to sell your items or get a temporary loan on them, we offer the same great price. Bring your items in for a FREE evaluation!

Why Choose Us?

We offer great prices on your items, 10% Loans, no credit checks, flexible, free estimates, convenient location and parking, you can renew your loans by just paying the interest.
Air conditioned and secure storage of your items.

  • To sell your items, bring them in and receive cash on the spot.
  • To “Pawn” (Get a loan) on your items, get a free estimate.
    *You can have multiple loans on multiple items* 

  • For FREE ESTIMATES, it’s no hassle for us, bring it in.
Some of the lowest rates in Orlando
We sell and buy gold, watches, and jewelry

Many items available for sale in our store

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